Making of curd and bread

By | September 4, 2016

Question 1 which micro-organism is utilised in making curd from milk?

Question 2 How do micro-organism convert milk into curd?

Question 3 Name the micro-organism used in baking industry?

Question 4 How yeast help in making of making of bread?

Question 5 Name the sugar present in milk?

Making of Curd

Milk is turned into curd by bacteria.

Curd contains several micro-organism including Lactobacilli bacteria.

It promotes the formation of curd from milk.

When a little of pre-made curd is added to warm milk,then Lactobacilli bacteria present in curd multiply in milk and convert the lactose sugar into lactic acid.

This lactic acid then converts milk into curd.

Curd is added in making idlis and bhaturas to make them soft and spongy.

Bacteria are also involved in the making of cheese,pickles and many other food items.

Making of Bread

Yeast is used in the baking industry for making bread.

When yeast is mixed in dough for making bread,the yeast reproduces rapidly and gives out carbon dioxide gas during respiration.The bubbles of carbon dioxide gas fill the dough and increases its volume.

It is also used in making cakes and pastries.

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