Commercial use of micro-organism

By | September 4, 2016

Question 1 Which micro-organism is used for the large scale production of alcohol?

Question 2 Define the term fermentation?

Question 3 Name the scientist who discovered fermentation?

Question 4 Describe how sugar is converted into alcohol?

Question 5 What is vinegar?

Commercial use of micro-organism

They are used for the large scale production of alcohol and acetic acid(vinegar)

1) Yeast is the micro-organism which is used for large production of alcohol.This alcohol is then used in making of wine,beer,whisky as well as industrial spirit.

2) Yeast is capable of converting sugar into alcohol.The sugar for making alcohol comes from substances such as cane juice and fruit juice,or from substances such as maize,barley,rice etc.


The process of conversion of sugar into alcohol by action of yeast is called fermentation.

Fermentation was discovered by Louis Pasteur in 1857.

A dilute solution of acetic acid is called vinegar.Bacteria can turn alcohol into acetic acid.

First alcohol is made by using yeast.The acetobacter bacteria are added to alcohol and air is bubbled through it.In the presence of oxygen,bacteria converts alcohol into acetic acid.

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