Groups of Micro-organism

By | September 4, 2016

Question 1 What is the name of micro-organism which reproduce only inside the living cells of other organism?

Question 2 What are the major groups of micro-organism?

Question 3 Name any 2 diseases caused by bacteria?

Question 4 Name any 2 diseases caused by virus?

Question 5 Name any 2 diseases caused by algae?

Question 6 Name any 2 diseases caused by fungi?

Question 7 Name any 2 diseases caused by protozoa?

Question 8 What is the full form of HIV?Name the disease caused by HIV?

Question 9 Name any 2 bacteria?

Question 10 Name any 2 virus?

Question 11 Name any 2 fungi?

Question 12 Name any 2 protozoa?

Question 13 Name any 2 algae?

Groups of micro-organism

Micro-organism are classified into 5 major groups:







They are very small,single-celled micro-organism which have cell wall but do not have an organises nucleus and other structures.

For Example:Lactobacillus,Rhizobium.

Some of the diseases cause by bacteria are cholera,typhoid,tuberculosis,diphtheria etc.



They are the smallest micro-organism which can develop only inside the cells of the host organism .

Viruses can reproduce and multiply only inside the cells of other organism .They are the agents of diseases.

The diseases caused by virus are common cold, influenza,measles,polio,chicken pox,small pox etc.

For Example:HIV(Human Immuno deficiency) virus causes AIDS, Common cold virus.




They are a group of single-celled micro-organism which are classified as animals.

For Example:Amoeba,paramecium, entamoeba, plasmodium etc.

Diseases like dysentery and malaria are caused by protozoa.

Plasmodium is a protozoan which cause a disease called malaria .



Algae is a large group of simple,plant like organism.They contain chlorophyll and produce food by photosynthesis.

For Example:Chlamydomonas,Spirogyra,blue-green algae.



They are a large group of organism which do not have chlorophyll and do not photosynthesise.

For Example: Yeast,mould, penicillium,aspergillus etc.


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