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Water Pollution

Question 1 What is Ganga Action Plan?When and why was it launched? Question 2 Name the pollutants which cause water pollution? Question 3 What is water pollution? Question 4 State few ways of controlling water pollution? Question 5 How do industries cause water pollution? Question 6 Why even clear, transparent and odourless water may not be safe for… Read More »

Acid Rain and Green house effect

Question 1 What is green house effect? State its importance for us? Question 2 Name few greenhouse gases? Question 3 What depletes the ozone layer in the atmosphere? Question 4 What are the harmful effects of the depletion of ozone layer? Question 5 Describe the threat to Taj Mahal monument due to air pollution? Question 6 What is… Read More »

Air Pollution

Question 1 What is air pollution?What are the main sources of air pollution? Question 2 What is smog?How is smog formed?What are the harmful effects? Question 3 Name the various constituents of air? Question 4 How can you reduce air pollution at individual level? Question 5 Name few sources and harmful effects of Sulphur dioxide? Question 6 Name… Read More »