Food poisoning

By | September 9, 2016

Question 1 Define the term food poisoning?

Question 2 How is food poisoning caused?

Question 3 What are the various symptoms of food poisoning?

Question 4 Name 2 bacteria which cause food poisoning?

Question 5 Name a fungus which cause food poisoning?

Food poisoning

If the food is not covered properly,stored properly or preserved properly,then it gets spoiled by the action of micro-organism on it.

Micro-organism that grow on our food sometimes produce toxic substance.

1)The spoiled food gives foul smell and bad taste.

2)Its colour may also change.

The disease caused due to the presence of large number of micro-organism in the food,or due to the presence of toxic substances in food formed by the action of micro-organism is called food poisoning.

The major symptoms of food poisoning are:Vomiting,diarrhoea,pain in abdomen,headache and fever.

The micro-organism which cause food poisoning come into food from the air,dirty hands,unclean food containers,flies,cockroaches,insects,rats or sick farm animals.

The two most common examples of bacteria which cause food poisoning are bacteria Salmonella and clostridium botulinum.

The fungus which cause food poisoning is Aspergillus.

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