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Question 1 What are weeds?

Question 2 Give few examples of weeds?

Question 3What is weeding?

Question 4 Why weeding is necessary?

Question 5 What are the methods to remove weed?

Question 6 what are weedicides?

Question 7 Give few examples of weedicides?


The unwanted plants which grow along with a cultivated crop are called weed.

The type of weed vary from field to field,crop to crop,season to season.

For Ex:Wild oat,grass, Amaranthus, chenopodium etc.

The process of removing weeds from a crop field is called weeding.

Why Weeding is necessary 

Weeding is necessary because

1)Weeds compete with crop plant for water,sunlight,nutrients,space and hence affect plant growth.

2)Some weeds are poisonous for human and animals whereas some weeds interfere in harvesting.

Methods of removal of weeds

1)Removal of weeds by pulling them out with hand.

2)Removal of weeds by using a trowel(khurpa)

3)Destroying the weeds by spraying weedicides:The poisonous chemicals which are used to kill weeds in the fields are called as weedicides.

For Example:2,4-D, MCPA, Butachlor etc.

The weedicides kill the weeds but do not damage the main crop.

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