Storage of food grains

By | August 31, 2016

Question 1 Name one government agency which is involved in procuring food grains from farmers and storing them properly?

Question 2 Why is it necessary to dry the harvested food grains before storage?

Question 3 What are the two ways in which farmers store food grains?

Question 4 What are the ways in which food grains are stored on a large scale?

Question 5 What is the advantage of storing food grains in gunny bags?

Question 6 Give the full form of FCI?

Storage of Food Grains

The food grains obtained by harvesting the crops are dried in the sunshine before storing to reduce their moisture content.It is necessary to prevent them from spoilage.

The higher moisture content in food grains promotes the growth of fungus and moulds on the stored grains which damages them.

The farmers store the dried food grains at home in metal bins (metal drums) and jute bags(gunny bags).Dried neem leaves are used for storing food grains at home.

The government agency like Food Corporation of India(FCI) buy grains from farmers on large scale and store it in big godowns.

What are the ways to store food grains on a large scale

The large scale storage of food grains is done in two ways:

1)In gunny bags

2)In grain sillos

Pesticide solution are sprayed on the stacked gunny bags in the godown from time to time to protect them pests during storage.

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