Manures| Crop Production and Management | Class 8 | Science

Question 1 What are manures?

Question 2 What are the advantages of manures?

Question 3 What are the disadvantage of manures?


Repeated growing of crops in the same field removes a lot of precious minerals, elements,organic matter and other material from the soil.

Due to this soil become infertile after some time,and the crop yield decreases.

The deficiency of plant nutrients and organic matter in the soil is made by adding manures and fertilisers to the soil.

A manure is a natural substance obtained by the decomposition of animal waste, human waste, plant residue by the action of micro-organism,which supplies essential elements and humus to the soil and makes it more fertile.

Advantages of Manures

1)It enhances the water holding capacity of the soil.

2)It makes the soil porous due to which the exchange of gases become easy.

3)It increases the number of useful microbes in the soil.

4)It improves the texture of the soil.

Disadvantages of Manures

1)They are very bulky and voluminous due to which it is inconvenient to store and transport.

2)They are not nutrient specific.

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