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Food from animals

Question 1 Name two domestic animals which are used to obtain milk? Question 2 Name one meat yielding animals? Question 3 Define the term animal husbandry? Question 4 Name the major food nutrient provided by fish? Question 5 Name the various practices necessary for raising animals for food and other purposes? Food from animals The food provided by… Read More »

Methods of irrigation

Question 1 What are the various sources of irrigation? Question 2 Describe the sprinkler system of irrigation? Question 3 What are the advantages of sprinkler system of irrigation? Question 4 Describe the drip system method of irrigation? Question 5 What are the advantages of drip system method of irrigation? Question 6 Name few traditional methods of irrigation? Question 7 name few… Read More »


Question 1 which agricultural practice is carried out with the help of a sickle? Question 2 Define the term harvesting? Question 3 What is manual harvesting? Question 4 Name the process of beating out the grains from harvested crop? Question 5 What is threshing? Question 6 Name the process in which grains are separated from chaff and hay… Read More »