Question 1 What is irrigation?

Question 2 Explain how irrigation requirement depend on the nature of the crop?

Question 3 Explain how irrigation requirement depend on nature of the soil?

Question 4 Explain how irrigation requirement depend on the season?

Question 5 How do the irrigation requirement of  a wheat crop differ from that of a paddy crop?

Question 6 Why is irrigation necessary?


The process of supplying water to crop plant in the fields is called irrigation.

Irrigation is necessary because

1)Irrigation before ploughing the fields makes the soil soft due to which the ploughing of fields become easier.

2)Irrigation is necessary to maintain the moisture for the germination of seeds.

3)Irrigation is necessary for absorption of nutrient  element by the plant from the soil.

4)Irrigation is necessary to protect the crop plant from hot air currents as well as frost.

Factors affecting irrigation

1)Nature of crop:Each crop need specific amount of water during the various stages of its growth and ripening.Some crops need more water whereas others require less water.

For Ex:Paddy crop requires continuous irrigation whereas wheat,gram,cotton do not require so much water.

2)Nature of the soil:The crops grown in a sandy soil need irrigation more frequently whereas the frequency of irrigation for the crops grown in a clayey soil is less.

3)Season:The frequency of irrigation of the crops is higher in summer season as compared to that in winter season.

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