Preparation of soil

Question 1 Define the term agricultural practices?

Question 2 Define the term agricultural implements?

Question 3 What is soil?

Question 4 What is ploughing?

Question 5 What is levelling?

Question 6 What is manuring?

Question 7 What is soil erosion?

Question 8 Name the implement used to plough the field?

Question 9 How loosening of soil by ploughing is beneficial?

Question 10  How the levelling of ploughed soil is beneficial?

Preparation of soil

The various tasks performed by a farmer to produce a good crop are called agricultural practices.

The various agricultural practices require certain tools or implements which are called agricultural implements.

The upper layer of earth is called soil.The crop plants are grown in soil.

Soil provides minerals,water,air,humus and fixing to the plants.

The soil is prepared for sowing the seeds of the crop by





The process of loosening and turning of soil is called ploughing.

Ploughing of fields is done by using an implement called plough.Plough are made up of wood or iron and they have an iron tip for easy penetration into the soil.The ploughs are pulled by tractor or a pair of bullocks.

The loosening of soil by ploughing is beneficial because

1)The loose soil allows the plant roots to penetrate freely and deeply into the soil so that plants are held more firmly to the ground.

2)The loose soil allows the roots of plants to breathe easily.

3)The loose soil help in the growth of worms and microbes present in the soil who are friends of the farmer.

4)It also uproots and buries weeds standing in the field.

5)It brings the nutrient rich soil to the top so that the plant can use these nutrients.


The removal of top soil by wind and water is called soil erosion.

The ploughed soil is levelled by pressing it with a wooden leveller so that the top soil is not blown away by wind or drained off by water.

The levelling of ploughed soil is beneficial because :

1)The levelling of ploughed fields prevents the top fertile soil from being carried away by strong winds or washed away by rain water.

2)The levelling of ploughed fields helps in the uniform distribution of water in the fields during irrigation.

3)The levelling of ploughed fields helps in preventing the loss of moisture.

The levelling of ploughed soil in the field is done by using an implement called leveller.It is a heavy wooden plank or an iron plank.


Manure is added to the soil before ploughing.Addition of manures to soil before ploughing helps in the proper mixing of manures with the soil.

Manuring is done to in increase the fertility of the soil before seeds are sown in it.


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