Question 1 Define the term crop?

Question 2 Give 2 examples of cereal crops?

Question 3 Give 2 examples of pulses?

Question 4 Give 2 examples of oil seeds?


Green plants can synthesise their food by the process of photosynthesis by using inorganic substances like carbon dioxide,water in the presence of sunlight.

Man and other animals cannot make food by photosynthesis,they need readymade organic food nutrients like carbohydrates,fats and proteins for their growth and development.

When the same kind of plants are grown in the fields on a large scale to obtain food like cereals,pulses,vegetables and fruits,is called a crop.

For Ex:A crop of wheat means that all the plants grown in the field are that of wheat.

A crop of rice means that all the plants grown in the field are that of rice.

Crops are grown in the soil in the fields by farmers.

1)Cereal crops:Wheat,paddy, maize, millet,barley.


3)Oil seeds:Mustard,groundnut,sunflower

4)Vegetables:Tomato,cabbage, spinach.

5)Fruits:Banana, grapes,mango,orange,apple.

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