Synthetic Fibres

Question 1 What is a polymer?

Question 2 Name the natural polymer from which cotton is made?

Question 3 Name the units of which cellulose polymer is made?

Question 4 Define the term monomer?

Question 5 What are fibres?

Question 6 What are natural polymers.Give example?

Question 7 What are synthetic polymers.Give example?

Synthetic fibres and plastics

A very thin thread like strand from which cloth is made is called a fibre.

Fabric is made by weaving or knitting long,twisted threads called yarn made from fibres.

The clothes we wear are made of fabrics.

The fibres can be divided into 2 groups:

1)Natural fibres:The fibres obtained from plants and animals.

For Ex:Cotton,flax,jute,wool,silk.

2)Synthetic fibres:They are made by human beings.

For Ex:Rayon,nylon,polyester,acrylic etc.

A polymer is a very big molecule formed by the combination of a large number of small molecules.

The small molecules which join together to form a polymer is called monomer.The monomer which make a polymer may be of the same compound or of different  compounds.

Polymers are of 2 types:

1)Natural polymers:Cotton,wool,silk.

Cotton fibre is made of a natural polymer called cellulose.

Cellulose is a polymer which is made up of a large number of small glucose molecules joined one after the other.The walls of all plants cells are made up of cellulose.

2)Synthetic polymer:Nylon,polyester,acrylic,poly ethene,polyvinylchloride,bakelite,melamine.

Nylon fibres is made of up nylon polymer in which two different types of molecules are combined alternately to form long chains.

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