Steps to save environment from plastic waste

By | September 14, 2016

Question 1 What are the various ways to save the environment from excessive plastic wastes?

Question 2 What is meant by 3 R’s principle in context of use of plastics?

Question 3 State the ways in which we can avoid the use of plastics?

Some of the steps which can be taken to save the environment from plastic waste are:

1)We should try to reduce the use of plastics by using other material in their place.

For Ex:We should use bags made up cotton cloth,jute,paper.

Stainless steel lunch boxes can be used in place of plastic lunch box.

2)We should not throw polythene bags,wrappers of chips,biscuits and other eatables in water bodies,on the roads,in parks or picnic places.The used plastic material should be put in the dustbins.

3)We should reuse the plastic containers which come with jams,pickles,oils and other packed food material for storing salt,spices,tea-leaves,sugar etc in the kitchen.

4)Plastic waste should be recycled.Al the plastic waste in the homes,shops and industry should be collected and sent for recycling to plastic making factories.

There are 3R’s to save the environment from the harmful effects of the excessive use of plastic.The three R’s stand for Reduce,Reuse and Recycle.

1)We should reduce the use of plastic articles by using articles made of other suitable material.

2)We should reuse plastic articles wherever possible.

3)We should recycle old and discarded plastic articles,if possible.

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