Question 1 Name the first fully synthesised fibre?

Question 2 What is nylon?

Question 3 State the important properties of nylon?

Question 4 Give the important uses of nylon?

Question 5 Name the monomeric unit in nylon?

Question 6 Why nylon is a thermoplastic polymer?


It is the first fully synthetic fibre made by man without using any natural raw material.

It is made up of the repeating units of a chemical called an amide.Nylon is a polyamide (which is a polymer)

Nylon is a thermoplastic polymer ie which can be melted by heating.Molten nylon is forced through the tiny holes in a spinneret to make fibres or cast into desired shapes.


1)Nylon fibres are very strong,fairly elastic,lightweight and lustrous.

2)Nylon fibres absorb very little water,so clothes made of nylon are easy to wash and dry.

3)Nylon is wrinkle resistant.

4)Nylon fibres have high abrasion resistance,so they are very durable.

5)Nylon fibres have high abrasion resistance,so they are very durable.

6)Nylon is not attacked by moths and ordinary chemicals.


1)It is used for making textiles like sarees,shirts,neck-ties,socks etc.

2)It is used in making curtains,sleeping bags, tents.

3)It is used in making ropes, car seat-belt, fishing nets, tyre cord, strings for sports racket and musical instrument and paint brushes.

4)It is used for making parachutes and ropes for rock climbing.

5)It is used as a plastic for making machine parts.

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