Harmful effects of Plastics

Question 1 How the use of plastic has a bad effect on the environment?

Question 2 Explain,why disposal of plastic waste is a major problem.Give reason?

Question 3 State whether plastic is biodegradable or non-biodegradable?

Question 4 How do carelessly thrown plastic bags affect dirty water drains and sewers?

Question 5 How do carelessly thrown plastic bags affect animals?

Harmful effects of plastics

The use of plastic material affects the environment because of the following reason:

1)Plastic is non-biodegradable.So the articles made of plastics do not rot when they are thrown away after use.The waste plastic articles keeps on accumulating in the surrounding and pollute the environment.

2)The waste plastic articles thrown here and there carelessly get into dirty water drains and sewers,and clog them.This makes the dirty drain water to flow over the streets and roads causing unhygienic conditions.

3)The animals eat up the used polythene bags or plastic wrappers along with the left over food and vegetables wastes thrown on garbage dumps.The plastic wastes can choke the respiratory system of these animals or form a plastic lining in their stomach.

4)When plastic bags are burnt they produce poisonous gases which pollute the air.

Disposal of plastic waste is a major problem because:

1)The articles made of plastic are non-biodegradable.They do not decompose easily.

2)The burning of plastic gives out harmful gases which pollute the air.

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