Properties of plastics

Question 1 Why plastic containers are preferred for storing food?

Question 2 Why plastics containers are used to store chemicals?

Question  3 Why handles of cooking utensils are made of plastic?

Question 4 Why handles of screw drivers used by electricians are also made of plastic?

Question 5 Write few properties of plastics?

Properties of plastics

1)Plastic is chemically unreactive:Plastics do not react with air and water.Due to this,plastics are resistant to corrosion.They are also often unaffected by various chemicals.The plastic containers are used to store various kinds of materials,including many chemicals.

2)Plastics are poor conductor of heat and electricity:They do not conduct heat or electricity,so they be used as insulators.

The handles of cooking utensils are made of plastic so that we can hold the hot cooking utensils safely.

Since plastics are poor conductor of electricity,they are used as electrical insulator.

Electric wires have plastic covering as insulation so as to protect us from electric current passing through them.

The handles of screw drivers used by electricians are also made of plastic because it is an electrical insulator.

3)Plastics can be moulded into different shapes

Since plastics can be easily moulded,they are used to make a large variety of articles having different shapes and sizes such as buckets,mugs,furniture,bags,sheets,bags,sheets,slippers,electrical fitting.

4)Plastics are quite cheaper and easily made

They are cheaper than metals.They are now widely used for making many of the household and industrial articles .

5)Plastics is light,strong and durable

It is because of the lower price,easy availability,lightweight,good strength,durability and corrosion resistance of plastic that the plastic container are preferred for storing food, water, milk, jams, pickles, squashes and soft drinks.

Being lighter than metals,plastics are also used in cars,aircrafts and spacecrafts.

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