Oxidation and Reduction reaction

By | July 21, 2016

Question 1 What are oxidation reactions?

Question 2 What are reduction reactions?

Question 3 What are redox reactions?

Question 4 What are oxidising agent?

Question 5 What are reducing agent?

Question 6 Give example of redox reaction?

Oxidation and Reduction reaction

Oxidation:Addition of oxygen to a substance or removal of hydrogen from a substance.

Reduction:Addition of hydrogen or removal of oxygen from a substance.

Those reactions in which oxidation and reduction occurs simultaneously are called Redox Reaction.

Oxidising Agent:The substance which give oxygen or substance which removes hydrogen.

Reducing Agent
:The substance which give hydrogen or removes oxygen.

For Ex: 1)CuO+H2(g)——-> Cu+ H2O(l)

CuO is reduced to Cu
H2  is oxidised to H2O
CuO is the oxidising agent
H2 is the reducing agent

2)H2S + Cl2 ———–>  S + 2HCl
H2S  is oxidised to S
 Cl2  is reduced to HCl
 Clis the oxidising agent
H2 is the reducing agent

The substance which gets oxidised is reducing agent.
The substance which gets reduced is oxidising agent.

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