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Real Gases

A gas which obeys the ideal gas equation, PV =nRT under all conditions of temperature and pressure is called an ideal gas. There is no gas which obeys the ideal gas equation under all conditions of temperature and pressure. The gases are found to obey the gas laws if the pressure is low or the temperature is high.Such… Read More »


Some liquids like water, ether flow rapidly why some other liquids like glycerine ,castor oil flow quite slowly. This internal resistance to flow possessed by a liquid is called its viscosity The liquids which flow slowly ,have high internal resistance which is due to strong intermolecular forces and therefore, are said to be more viscous or are said… Read More »

Surface Tension

Surface tension is a property of liquid which arises due to the fact that the molecules of the liquid at the surface are in different situation than those in the interior of the liquid. A molecule lying inside the liquid is surrounded by other molecules and so is attracted equally in all directions. Hence ,the net force of… Read More »

Vapour Pressure

In a liquid, the molecules are quite close together so that there are considerable forces of attraction between them and hence they are held together in a definite volume. The liquids possess fluidity like gases but incompressibility like solid. Properties of Liquid (1) Liquids have no definite shape: They take up the shape of the vessel in which they… Read More »