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Fundamental units of life

Question 1 What is a cell? Question 2 What are unicellular organism.Give example? Question 3 What are multi cellular organism.Give example? Question 4 Who discovered cell? Fundamental Units Of Life Robert Hooke in 1665 discovered cell.He examined a thin slice of cork(substance which comes from bark of a tree)and found that cork resembled structure of honeycomb consisting of… Read More »


Question 1 What are the main functions of plastids? Question 2 What are the major categories of plastids? Question 3 Name the plastic which is green in colour and involved in photosynthesis? Question 4 Why plastids are called as kitchen of cell? Question 5 Describe the two membranes of plastids? Plastids They are present in plant cell but… Read More »


Question 1 What are the function of Mitochondria? Question 2 Explain the structure of Mitochondria? Question 3 Why Mitochondria is called as power house of cell? Mitochondria(Power house of cell) They are tiny bodies of varying shape(cylindrical,rod-like,spherical)distributed in cytoplasm. Each mitochondria is surrounded by double membrane.Outer membrane is porous.Inner membrane has folds and therefore have large surface area.These folds… Read More »

Golgi apparatus

Question 1 What are the main functions of Golgi apparatus? Question 2 Explain the structure of Golgi apparatus? Golgi Apparatus 1)It consist of set of membrane bounded,fluid-filled vesicles,vacuoles and flattened cisternae. 2)Cisternae are usually packed together in parallel rows. 3)They arises from membrane of smooth ER,Which in turn originates from rough ER. Functions 1)They are involved in synthesis… Read More »