Transformation of energy

Question 1 What do you mean by transformation of energy?

Question 2 Explain the transformation of energy in Thermal power house?

Question 3 Explain the transformation of energy in electric motor?

Question 4 Explain the transformation of energy in generator?

Question 5 Explain the transformation of energy in electric bulb?

Transformation of Energy
The change of one form of energy into another form of energy is called transformation of energy.
For Ex:1)When a body is released from a height then potential energy is transferred into kinetic energy.

2)In a thermal power house
Chemical energy——>Heat energy—–>Kinetic energy—–>Electrical energy

3)Electric motor
Electrical energy —–>Mechanical energy(Potential energy + Kinetic energy)

Mechanical energy—–>Electrical energy

5)Electric iron
Electrical energy ——>Heat energy

6)Electric bulb
Electrical energy ——> Heat energy—–>Light energy

7)Steam Engine
Heat energy —–> Kinetic energy

8)Battery or cell
Chemical energy —->Electrical energy

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