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Water cycle

Question 1 What are biochemical cycles? Question 2 Give diagrammatic representation of water cycle? Question 3 What is water cycle? Question 4 Explain water cycle? Biochemical cycles The abiotic and biotic component of biosphere constantly interact with each other to form a dynamic but stable system.These interactions consist of a transfer of matter and energy between the different… Read More »


Question 1 Define the term reverberation? Question 2 What is a megaphone.Name the principle on which a megaphone work? Question 3 What is a stethoscope.Name the principle on which a stethoscope work? Question 4 What is a soundboard.Name the principle on which a soundboard work? Question 5 Why are the ceiling of concert halls made curved? Question 6 How… Read More »

Carbon cycle

Question 1 Describe how carbon is cycled in the environment? Question 2 How carbon exist in combined form? Question 3  Draw carbon cycle? Carbon Cycle Elemental form of carbon is diamond and graphite. Combined form of carbon is (1) Carbondioxide in atmosphere carbonates (2) Carbonates and hydrogen carbon salts in minerals (3) Carbon containing molecules like proteins,carbohydrates,fats,nucleic acid,vitamins.… Read More »