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Question 1 Define the term vaccination?

Question 2 Give the full form of AIDS,OPV,BCG?

Question 3 What is jaundice?

Question 4 Define the term immunisation?


When the immune system first sees an infectious microbe,it responds against it and then remembers it specifically.So the next time that particular microbe,or its close relative enter the body,the immune system responds with even greater vigorous.This eliminates the infection even more quickly than the first time around.This is the basis of principle of immunisation.

We fool the immune system of human body into developing a memory for particular infection by putting something that mimics the microbes we want to vaccinate against,into the body.This does not actually cause the disease but this would prevent any subsequent exposure to the infecting microbe from turning into actual disease.

There are vaccines against Diphtheria,tetanus,whooping cough,measles,polio.
Jaundice or hepatitis is a disease of liver.It is caused by viral infection.
There is a vaccine for hepatitis A available in market.
Rabies-It is spread by the bite of infected dog and other animal.It is a viral disease caused by a rabies virus which is present in saliva of infected animals.
5 Anti-rabies vaccines are available.
AIDS-Acquired imuno deficiency syndrome virus.
It is cause by retrovirus called as HIV.
It attacks white blood cells of human beings and weakens the human body immune system.It reduces the natural immunity of human body.The patients suffering from AIDS die from other infections.
OPV=Oral Polio Vaccine
PPTP=Pulse polis immunisation programme
BCG vaccine(Bacillus Calmette guerin):It is for the prevention of tuberculosis.

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