Types of diseases

By | July 21, 2016
Question 1 Define communicable diseases?
Question 2 Define non-communicable diseases?
Question 3 Distinguish between acute and chronic diseases?
Question 4 What are Congenital diseases?
Question 5 What are Acquired diseases?
Question 6 What are the causes of acquired disease?
Diseases and its causes
Tissue make up physiological system or organ system that carry out body function.
Sign or symptoms provide information about the presence of particular disease.

Types of diseases

Acute:These last for only short period of time.These do not cause long term bad effect on human health.
For Ex:Cold,cough,typhoid,cholera
In acute diseases,person get better and become well within a week or so,has no bad effect on our health,do not lose much weight,become short of breath,do not feel tired all the time,may not go to school just for few days.
Chronic:These last for a long time even as much as a life time.
For Ex:Tuberculosis,diabetes,arthritis,cancer etc.
In chronic disease it is difficult for us to follow what is taught in the school,drastic effects on people’s health,Persistent feeling of tiredness,ill over the years causes weight loss.

Congenital diseases:These diseases are present since birth.They are caused due to genetic abnormality or due to metabolic disorders or malfunctioning of any order.
Acquired diseases:These diseases are those which develop after birth.
They are of 2 types:
1)Infectious or communicable:These diseases are caused by some biological agents or pathogens such as viruses,bacteria,protozoans,fungi etc.
They are spread from one person to another by various physical contact such as air,water,food etc.
2)Non-infectious or non-communicable:These diseases are not caused by any infectious agent.
They are restricted only to those persons who are suffering from them.
They are caused from
1)lack of certain essential substances in our diet.
2)Uncontrolled growth of tissue in any part of body
3)Metabolic disorders
5)Degeneration of tissue

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