Significance of health

By | August 1, 2016
Question 1 What is health?
Question 2 What is a disease?
Question 3 State the conditions essential for good health?
Why do we fall ill
Cells are fundamental units of living organism.They are made up of variety of chemical substances.Cells moves from place to place.Even if cell is not moving,in it repairing may go on.
There are various specialised activities going on-Heart is beating,lungs are breathing,kidney is filtering urine,brain is thinking.All these activities of various body organs are interconnected.
For all the activities,energy and raw material are needed from outside the body.Food is necessary for cell and tissue function.
Significance of health
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being.
For a healthy life cycle,person needs to have a balanced diet,has to take exercise,lives in proper shelter,takes enough sleep,have good hygiene.
1)The health of all organism will depend on their surrounding or their environment.Our social environment is an important factor in our individual health.
2)Public cleanliness is important for individual health(If no agency is ensuring that garbage is collected and disposed,if no one takes responsibility of clearing the drains,if there are heap of garbage and thrash littered here and there,if there is open drain water lying stagnant around,the possibility of poor health increases)
3)We need food for health and food will have to earn by doing work.For this, opportunity  to do work has to be available.Good economic condition and jobs are therefore needed for individual health.
4)We need to be happy in order to be truly healthy.If we mistreat each other and are afraid of each other,we cannot be healthy or happy.Social equality and harmony are important for individual health.
Disease means something is wrong with our body and that we feel unwell or malfunction of the body.
Our health is affected not only by unbalanced diet but also by diseases, infections, poverty, large family, overcrowded houses etc.

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