Principle of Prevention

Question 1 what are the two ways of prevention of disease?

Question 2 Explain the general way to prevent disease?

Question 3 Explain the specific way to prevent disease?

Principle of Prevention
Three limitations are normally confronted while treating an infectious disease:
1)Once someone has a disease,its body function are damaged and may never recover completely.
2)Treatment of disease takes time which means that if someone suffering from a disease he is like to bedridden for sometime even if we give them proper treatment.
3)The person suffering from an infectious disease can serve as a source from where the infection may spread to other people.

Two ways of prevention of diseases

General way
Public hygiene is one basic key to prevention of infectious disease.
a)For air-borne microbes,we can prevent exposure by providing living conditions that are not overcrowded.
b)For water-borne microbes,we can prevent exposure by providing safe drinking water.
c)For Vector-borne infections,we can provide clean environment.It will not allow mosquito breeding.

Specific way
If some one is suffering from a cold and cough in the class,it is likely that the children sitting around will be exposed to the infection.But all of them do not actually suffer from disease.
The immune system of our body is normally fighting off microbes.We have cells that specialise in killing infecting microbes.These cells go into action each time infecting microbes enter the body.If they are successful,we do not actually come down with disease.
The immune cells manage to kill off the infection long before it assumes major proportions.If the number of infecting microbes are controlled the appearance of disease will be minor.Becoming exposed to infection or be infected with an infectious microbe does not necessarily mean developing noticeable disease.

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