Point of entry and symptoms of Disease

By | July 21, 2016

Question 1 What are the various point of entry of microbe inside human body?

Question 2 Define the term inflammation?

Question 3 What are the various symptoms of diseases?

Question 4 Why AIDS is considered so dreadful?

Point of entry and place of infection of microbe inside human body
There are many possible areas,organs or tissue where microbes go and stay.Different species of microbes appear to have evolved to move to different parts of body.In part,this selection is related to point of entry.

1)If the microbes enter from air through nose they are likely to go to the lungs.
2) If the microbes enter from mouth, they can stay in the lining of the gut or they can also go to liver like the viruses that causes jaundice.

Infection of HIV take place through sexual organs but it tends to spread to lymph nodes all over the body.
Malaria causing protozoan enters through mosquito bite but it first goes to liver cell and then to red blood corpuscles.
Virus causing Japanese encephalitis or brain fever enter through mosquito bite.But it goes to infect the brain.

Signs and symptoms of Disease
It depend on the tissue or organ which microbe target.
If lungs are target,the symptoms will include cough and breathlessness.
If liver is target,there will be jaundice.
If brain is target,there will be headache,vomiting,fits or unconsciousness.

By knowing the signs and symptoms of disease,we can readily guess about the organ or tissue which has been targeted by microbe.

The body immune system is activated in response to infection.An active immune system recruits many cells to the affected tissue to kill off the disease causing microbes.This recruitment process is called inflammation.
Local effects of inflammation is shown in the form of swelling , pain, fever.

In HIV infection the virus goes to immune system and ultimately damages its function.Many symptoms of HIV AIDS infection are due to the fact that patients body can no longer fight off many minor infections that he faces everyday.In AIDS patient,every small cold can become pneumonia,a minor gut infection can produce major diarrhoea with blood loss.It is these secondary infections that kill people.

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