Question 1 What is a tissue?
Question 2 Write the different types of tissue in plants?
Question 3 Name three types of simple tissue of plants?
Question 4 Name two types of permanent tissue of plants?
A group of cells similar in structure that work together to perform a particular function forms a tissue.

For Ex:Nervous tissue(present in brain,spinal cord,nerves)has nerve cells called neurons,,blood,phloem etc.

Plants are autotrophs and stationary,they do not consume or need much energy,so most of the tissues in plants are supportive which provide them structural strength.Most of these tissue are dead tissues as they can provide mechanical strength.

Animals are heterotrophic,move,need more energy,most of the tissue are living.
There are some tissues in plants which divide throughout life.They divide for the growth and reproduction of the plants.Such ever dividing tissues are localised in certain regions of plant body.
Plant Tissue
Based on the dividing capacity of the tissue,the plant tissue are classified as:
1)Meristematic tissue(These cells are capable of cell division and totipotency).
They are of 3 types:
1)Apical(They are present at tips of roots and stem)
2)Lateral(They are present below bark,cambium,dicot roots and stems)
3)Intercalary(They are present at internodes of stem)
2)Permanent tissue(They are mature cells incapable of cell division)
They are of 2 types:
1)Simple(single types of cell,protective,supportive)
They are of 3 types:
2)Complex(More than one type of cell,conducting)
They are of 2 types:

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