Meristematic tissue

Question 1 What is the function of Apical meristematic tissue?

Question 2 What is the function of Lateral meristematic tissue?

Question 3 What is the function of Intercalary meristematic tissue?

Question 4 Where would you find meristematic tissue in plants?

Meristematic Tissues(Meristems)

meristematic tissue

They divide continuously and help in increase the length of plants, cell of meristematic tissues are similar in structure and have thin cellulose cell wall.Cells are spherical, oval, polygonal or rectangular in shape, compactly arranged, no intercellular spaces, single large nucleus, dense cytoplasm, few or no vacuole.These tissue are growth tissues and are found in regions of plants that grows.
1)Apical:Present at tip of roots and stem ie root apex and stem apex, it brings about elongation of root and stem, increases the height of plant(Primary growth)
2)lateral:Found beneath the bark(called cambium) and in vascular bundles of dicot root and stems.
cambium is the region which is responsible for growth in thickness.
It causes the stem or root to increase in diameter and girth(Secondary growth)
3)Intercalary:Present at the base of leaves or internodes,they increase length of organ.

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