Complex tissue

By | July 20, 2016
Question 1 What are complex tissue?
Question 2 Name two types of complex tissues?
Question 3 What is the function of xylem in plants?
Question 4 What is the function of phloem in plants?
Question 5 Name different types of xylem tissue?
Question 6 Name different types of phloem tissue?
Question 7 Differentiate between tracheid and vessels?
The complex tissue consist of more than one type of cells.All the cells coordinate to perform a common function.they transport water,minerals salts,food material to various parts of plant body.
They are of 2 types:
They are conducting tissue and called as vascular tissue.
It is composed of 4 different types of cell
1)Tracheids:They help in transport of water and minerals vertically.
2)Vessels:They help in transport of water and minerals vertically.
3)Xylem parenchyma:They store food,helps in sideways conduction of water.
4)xylem sclerenchyma(fibre):They are supportive in nature.
It is composed of 4 types of cells:
1)Sieve tubes:They are tubular shape,their walls are perforated by numerous pores.
2)Companion cell:They are associated with sieve tubes is a small thin walled cells containing dense and very active cytoplasm an large elongated nucleus.
3)Phloem parenchyma
4)Phloem fibres:They are dead cells.
Phloem transport prepared food material from leaves to various plant parts.

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