Water cycle

Question 1 What are biochemical cycles?

Question 2 Give diagrammatic representation of water cycle?

Question 3 What is water cycle?

Question 4 Explain water cycle?

Biochemical cycles
The abiotic and biotic component of biosphere constantly interact with each other to form a dynamic but stable system.These interactions consist of a transfer of matter and energy between the different components of the biosphere.

Water Cycle

water cycle

The process in which water evaporates and falls on the land as rain and later flows back into the sea via rivers is called water cycle.

1)Water evaporates from hydrosphere(oceans, seas, river, lakes, ponds)with sun’s heat and form clouds.

2)By the help of wind, clouds are blown over the land, where they are cooled enough to drop water as rain.

3)Rain may fall directly into the ocean also.Some water from rain and melting snow soaks into ground, but some flows in rivers and then to seas.

4)The ground water comes to surface again by springs and pumps.It is used in agriculture, industry, home.Water then evaporates into the atmosphere.It also evaporates from snow, reservoirs, ground.

5)Water vapour added by evaporation to atmosphere again form clouds.

As water flows through or over the rocks containing soluble minerals,various soluble minerals get dissolved in it and transported to distant places.Many nutrients are carried by water from parent rock to river and then to the seas.Hence these minerals are used by marine organisms.

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