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Question 1 Define the term environment?

Question 2 What are biotic components?

Question 3 What are abiotic components?

Question 4 Define the term atmosphere?

Question 5 Name the 5 layers of atmosphere?

Question 6 What is biosphere?

Question 7 What is hydrosphere?

Question 8 What is lithosphere?

Natural resources

Life on earth is due to ambient temperature,water,food and energy from the sun.
Environment means the surrounding in which animals and plants live including both physical factors and other organism.
The biotic component(living) include plants,animals,micro-organism.
The abiotic component(non-living) include air,water,soil,light and temperature.
Other environmental components such as rivers,ponds,forest,mountain,coal,minerals,petrol and other resources are of great importance.
The multilayered gaseous envelope surrounding the planet earth is called atmosphere.
There are 5 layers of layers or zones of atmosphere:
The outer crust consist of the earth is called the Lithosphere.
Water consist of 75% of the earth and is called hydrosphere.
Atmosphere,Lithosphere and hydrosphere are called as biosphere.

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