Relative density

Relative density
The density of a substance is defined as mass per unit volume.
S.I. unit of density is kg/m

The relative density of a substance is the ratio of its density to that of water
                            Density of substance
Relative Density=———————————
                            Density of water
                              Mass of substance                        Volume of water
Relative Density=——————————-    *     —————————-
                            Volume of substance                        Mass of water
If we take equal volumes of water and substance then
                                              Mass of substance
Relative density of substance=————————-
                                                 Mass of water
The relative density of a substance expresses the heaviness or density of the substance in comparison to water.
For Ex:Relative density of iron is 7.8 means iron is 7.8 times heavy as an equal volume of water.
Relative density has no units.
Density of a substance is one of its characteristic property and is different for different substances.

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