Question 1 Write the characteristics of kingdom Platyelminthes?

Question 2 Give example of kingdom Platyelminthes?

1)The body is bilaterally symmetrical ie right and left halves of body have same design.
2)They are triploblastic animals means that there are 3 layers of cells from which differentiated tissues can be made.
3)There is no true internal body cavity.
4)The body is flattened dorsiventrally (from top to bottom).That is why they are called flatworms.
5)Anus is absent,there is single opening ie mouth.
6)Circulatory,respiratory,skeleton system are absent.
7)They are hermaphrodite ie both male and female reproductive organs occur in same individual.
8)They are either free living or parasitic
For Ex: Phanaeria,Liverfluke,tapeworm,Fasciola.

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