By | July 20, 2016

Question 1 Write the characteristics of kingdom Aves?

Question 2 Give few examples of kingdom Aves?

1)They are warm blooded and have four chambered heart.
2)They lay eggs.
3)There is an outside covering of feathers and 2 forelimbs are modified for flight.
4)They breathe through lungs.
5)Smallest bird is humming bird and largest is Ostrich.
6)Boat shaped body is divided into head,neck,tail.
7)Forelimbs modified into wings for flight.
8)Hind limbs bear four clawed digits and adapted for walking,perching.
9)There is horny beak.
10)Bones are light and spongy due to the presence of air cavities.
11)4 chambered heart.
For Ex:Ostrich,sparrow,crow,pigeon,parrot,vulture,duck etc.

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