Noise pollution

By | December 12, 2016

Question 1 What are causes of noise pollution?

Question 2 What is the difference between noise and music?

Question 3 What is partial hearing.What are the usual cause of noise pollution?

Question 4 What is meant by noise pollution?

Question 5 Explain how noise pollution is harmful to human beings?

Question 6 State the various measures which can be taken to control noise pollution?

Question 7 Give examples of sound which are considered noise?

Question 8 What is a hearing aid?

​Sounds that are loud and unnecessary are called noise.

The presence of loud, unwanted and disturbing sound in our environment is called noise pollution.

Major sources of noise pollution

1)The motor vehicles running on the road produce noise pollution by blowing horn and sound of their engines.

2)The bursting of crackers on various social and religious occasions produce noise pollution.

3)The various machine in factories make loud sounds and cause noise pollution.

4)The take off ,landing and flying of aeroplane produce noise pollution.

5)The playing of loudspeakers and bands at marriages and other social functions.

6)The construction of building produce a lot of noise pollution in the surrounding.

7)Loud playing of radio ,speaker system and television produce noise pollution.

8) kitchen appliances cause noise pollution.

9)Use of desert cooler and air conditioners cause noise pollution.

Harms of noise pollution

1) loud noise can cause great harm to our ears. Constant loud noise reduces the hearing power of our ears. loud noise can even damaged ears permanently and cause defness.

2)Loud noise can cause a person to lose concentration in his work or studies.

3) loud noise can cause an ailment called Hypertension.

4) loud noise can cause irritation and headache.

5) loud noise during night time disturbs our sleep. Continued lack of sleep is bad for health.

Measures to control noise pollution

1) We should not play radio ,stereo systems and televisions too loudly.

2) The horns of motor vehicles should not be gone unnecessarily.

3) The bursting of crackers should be avoided.

4) The noise making factory and airports should be shifted away from the residential area of the city.

5)loud speakers should be played at low volume during marriages and other social function.

6) Trees should be planted along the roads and around building to reduce the noise pollution from the roads.

Hearing impairment

Hearing impairment means that a person has  damaged hearing ability and cannot hear properly.

Some people are born with poor hearing.

1)The people with very poor hearing are said to be deaf.Deafness is the total hearing impairment. Deaf people often used a sign language with their hands to communicate with others effectively.

2)Partial hearing loss is generally due to an illness, infection, injury or old  age.Partial hearing loss can also be caused by noise noise pollution.

Hearing aid is a small sound amplifying device worn on the ear by a partially deaf person so as to hear properly.

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