Noise and music

By | December 12, 2016

Question 1 What is noise?

Question 2 Give examples of noise?

Question 3 What is musical sound?

Question 4 How is noise produced?

Question 5 How is musical sound produced?

​The unpleasant sounds around us are called noise.

Noise is produced by the irregular vibrations of the sound producing source.

For Ex: Running of mixer and grinder in the kitchen ,blowing of horns of motor vehicles ,bursting of crackers , barking of dogs , shattering of glass ,landing and flying of aeroplane ,sounds coming from construction site,  all students start talking together loudly in a classroom etc.

We do not enjoy hearing the unpleasant sound of noise.

The sounds which are pleasant to hear are called all musical sound. They are produced by the regular vibrations of the sound producing source.

All the musical instruments produce musical sounds.

The speakers of radio, stereo system and television also produce musical sound.

When a person sing a song he or she also produces musical sound.

If however a musical sound becomes too loud it becomes noise.

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