Musical instruments

By | December 12, 2016

Question 1 Name the substance which vibrate in a flute to produce sound?

Question 2 Name 4 types of musical instruments?

Question 3 Give example of stringed musical instruments?

Question 4 Give example of wind musical instruments?

Question 5 Give example of membrane musical instruments?

Question 6 Give example of plate type musical instruments?

Question 7 Name the object which vibrate in Sitar, dholak, flute, cymbals, veena?

Question 8 What is music?

Question 9 What are musical instruments?

Question 10 What are stringed musical instruments?

Question 11 What are wind musical instruments?

Question 12 What are membrane musical instruments?

Question 13 What are plate type musical instruments?

​The various sounds produced in music are called notes.

The arrangement of sounds of different frequencies called notes in a way that is pleasant to hear, is called music.

The instruments which make musical sounds are called musical instrument .

For example :Sitar ,Veena ,violin, tanpura ,piano ,harmonium, shehnai , tabla , cymbals, Jal Tarang, mridangam etc.

There are mainly four types of musical instruments:

1)Stringed musical instruments

2)Wind musical instruments

3)Membrane musical instruments

4)Plate type musical instruments

Stringed musical instruments

Stringed musical instruments produce musical sounds by the vibrations of stretched strings on stretched wires.

A string is a piece of thin wire. In a stringed musical instrument ,thin metal strings are fixed tightly between two points. When the stretched string of a musical instrument is plucked or bowed with the fingers of our hand, the string starts vibrating and produce sound. These strings are fixed tightly on a large sounding box.The air presents in the sounding box increases the loudness of sound produced by vibrating strings.

For example: Veena ,violin ,tanpura ,Santoor ,guitar ,piano ,ektara etc.

Wind musical instruments

Wind musical instruments produced musical sounds by the vibration of air columns inside them.

In a wind musical instrument a column of air enclosed in a wooden tube on metal tube vibrates and produces musical sound. We have to pump air into the wind instrument to make it work and produce sound.

For example : Shehnai, flute, nadaswaram and trumpet.

Membrane musical instruments

Membrane is a thin sheet of skin. Membrane type musical instruments produce sounds by the vibrations of thin stretched membrane.

A thin membrane fixed tightly over a hollow wooden drum vibrates and produces sound. We have to strike the stretched membrane of the instrument with our hands or with sticks to make it vibrate and produce sound.

For example: Mridangam, tabla , Dholak ,drums ,Dhapli.

When we strike the membrane of mridangam, the sound that we here is not only that of the membranes,but of the whole body of the mridangam.

Plate type musical instrument

Plate type musical instruments produce musical sounds by the vibration of thick plates.

The plate type musical instruments are simply beaten to produce musical sounds.

The cymbals consists of two concave brass plates. When the two metal plates of cymbals are struck together, they make a ringing musical sound.

The bell used in performing Pooja is also a musical instrument .The bell is a hollow metal vessels which emits musical sound when struck with a Hammer fixed inside it. Matka is also a plate type musical instrument which makes sound when struck.

Jal Tarang is also a kind of plate type musical instrument.It consists of a number of cups containing different amount of water. When the cups containing water are struck with two sticks in a proper way, then musical sounds are produced. The frequency of the sound produced in jal tarang is adjusted by putting the appropriate amount of water in each Cup. The cup containing minimum water produces the sound of the lowest frequency or lowest pitch.As the amount of water in the cup goes on increasing the frequency of the sound produced also goes on increasing. so that cup having maximum amount of water will produces sound of highest frequency or highest pitch.

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    A flute produces sound when a stream of air directed across a hole in the instrument creates vibration of air at the hole

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