Viviparous animals and Oviparous animals

By | October 27, 2016

Question 1 What are viviparous animals?Give example?

Question 2 What are oviparous animals.Give example?

Question 3 Give few differences between viviparous and oviparous animals?

Viviparous animals

Those animals which give birth to young ones or baby animals are called viviparous animals.

The young one develops in the uterus inside the body of the mother.When the young one is fully developed, then the mother gives birth due to which the alive young one comes out from the body of the mother.

For Ex:Humans, cats, dogs, lion, tiger, horse, rabbit etc.

Oviparous animals

Those animals which lay eggs from which young ones are hatched later on, are called oviparous animals.

In oviparous animals mother lays eggs outside its body.The young one of the animal develops inside the egg.When the development of the young one inside the egg is complete, the egg shell breaks open and an alive young one comes out of it.This is called hatching.

For Ex:The hen lays egg.The young one of hen develops inside the egg.When the development of the chick inside the hen’s is complete , the egg shell breaks open and an alive chick comes out of it.

For Ex: Sparrow, crow, butterfly, frog, fish, snake, crocodile, insects, birds  etc.

It is easy to collect the eggs of oviparous animals because they lay eggs outside their bodies.

We can not collect eggs from viviparous animals because they do not lay eggs outside their body.Their eggs are extremely small which remain inside their bodies.

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