Sexual Reproduction in humans

By | October 27, 2016

Question 1 Name the organs which produce male gametes?

Question 2 Name the organs which produce female gametes?

Question 3 What are the male gametes in human called?

Question 4 What are the female gametes in human called?

Question 5 Which organ of the human body passes sperm from a man to a woman?

Question 6 In which female reproductive organ does the embryo get embedded?

Question 7 Draw a labelled diagram of male reproductive system?

Question 8 Draw a labelled diagram of female reproductive system?

Question 9 What is  foetus?

Question 10 What is an embryo?

Question 11 Where in the human body does an egg get fertilised?

Question 12 Where does a fertilised egg develops into a baby in the human body?

Sexual Reproduction in humans

In sexual reproduction in animals, there are 2 parents: male and female.

The two parents have sex organs which produce sex cells or gametes.

The male parent has sex organ called testes which produce male sex cell called sperm.

The female parent has sex organ called ovaries which produce female sex cell called eggs.

The sexual reproduction take place in following steps:

1)The male parent produces male gametes called sperms.

2)The female parent produce female gamete called eggs.

3)The sperm enters into the egg.The nucleus of sperm fuses with the nucleus of egg cell to form a new cell called zygote.

4)The zygote divides repeatedly to form a hollow ball of hundreds of cells which is called embryo.

5)Embryo grows and becomes a foetus .

6)Foetus grows and develops to form a new baby animal.

Male reproductive system

male reproductive system

The human male reproductive system consist of:Testes, Scrotal, sacs, Epididymis, Sperm duct, Seminal vesicles, penis.

1)Testes are the oval shaped organs which lie outside the abdominal cavity of a man.A man has 2 testes.They are the real reproductive organs in man.

2)The male sex cells called sperms are made in testes.Thus testes make male gametes called sperms.

3)The testes are enclosed in two small bags of skin called scrotal sacs.Testes work more efficiently at a temperature slightly below the body temperature, so they are held outside the body in the scrotal sacs.

4)The sperms formed in testes come out and go into a coiled tube called epididymis.

5)From epididymis the sperms are carried by a long tube called sperm duct into organs called seminal vesicles.

6)The seminal vesicles join to another tube called urethra coming from the bladder.

7)Urethra carries the sperm to an organ called penis which opens outside the body.The penis is an organ for introducing sperms into the woman.

Female Reproductive System

Female reproductive system

The female reproductive system consist of:Ovaries, oviduct, uterus, vagina.

1)Ovaries:They are the oval shaped organs which are inside the abdominal cavity of a woman.A woman has 2 ovaries.The female sex cells called eggs are made in the ovaries.

2)Just above the ovaries are the tubes called oviducts or fallopian tubes.The oviducts are not directly connected to ovaries but have funnel shaped opening which almost cover the ovaries.The egg released by an ovary goes into the oviduct through its funnel shaped opening.

3)One mature egg is released into oviduct every moment by one of the ovaries.the release of an egg from ovary is called as ovulation.The fertilisation of egg by a sperm takes place in the oviduct.

4)The 2 oviduct connect to a bag like organ called uterus at the other end.The growth and development of a fertilised egg into a baby takes place in the uterus.

5)The uterus is connected through a narrow opening called cervix to another tube called vagina which opens to the outside of the body.Vagina receives the penis for putting sperms into woman’s body.

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