Changes at puberty:Pimple and acne, development of sex organs

By | November 4, 2016

Question 1 What substance is secreted by sebaceous glands?

Question 2 Name the time period in one’s life when the brain has the greatest capacity for learning?

Question 3 Name glands present in the skin whose increased activity causes pimples and acne?

Question 4 Name male sex organs which develop completely at puberty?

Question 5 Name female sex organs which develop completely at puberty?

Question 6 What are pimples?

Question 7 What is acne?

Question 8 How pimples are formed?

Development of pimples and acne on the face

Pimples are small red spots on the face of a person.Acne is a skin condition marked by eruption of numerous red pimples on the face.Sebaceous glands or oil glands are the small glands in the skin which secrete oil through skin pores to lubricate and protect the surface of skin .They are tiny glands in the skin which secrete sweat.

Many young boys and girls get pimples and acne on the face during puberty.The pimples and acne are formed due to the increased activity of sebaceous glands and sweat glands present in the skin.

The level of hormones in boys and girls rise too much at puberty.These hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands and sweat glands present in the skin.The increased activity of sebaceous glands causes them to secrete more oil and the increased activity of sweat glands makes them secrete more sweat.The excess oil and sweat get collected in the tiny pores of the skin.The accumulation of oil , sweat and dead skin cells block the tiny pores in the skin of the face.Bacteria grow in the mixture of oil, sweat and dead skin cells in the blocked skin pores causing swelling and redness of skin which leads to the formation of pimples.

Pimples and acne diminish over time and tend to disappear by the time one reaches the age of 18 or 19 yrs.

Development of sex organs

The onset of puberty brings about complete growth and development of sex organs in boys and girls due to which their reproductive systems start functioning at this stage.

1)At puberty , the male sex organs like testes and penis enlarge and develop completely.The testes begin to produce male sex cells called sperms at puberty.

2)At puberty, the female sex organs like ovaries, oviduct and uterus and uterus enlarge and develop completely.The eggs begin to mature at this stage.The ovaries start releasing mature eggs at puberty.

Reaching mental, intellectual and emotional maturity

During adolescence a boy or girl reaches mental, intellectual and emotional maturity.

1)Adolescence is a period which brings maturity in a person’s way of thinking.At this stage, adolescent boys and girls spend considerable time thinking about many things occurring in their minds.During adolescence, mental maturity makes the boys and girls more independent than before.

2)Due to intellectual development, the boys and girls get into the habit of reasoning, and understanding things objectively.

3)The changes which occur in the body of boys and girls during adolescence  may cause emotional, swings.These emotional swings show intense feeling of joy, anger, boredom, worries or sadness which are not based on reasoning or knowledge.

The adolescents feel insecure while trying to adjust to the changes in the body and mind.

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