Uses of non-metals

By | September 20, 2016

Question 1 Name one non-metal which is essential for maintaining life?

Question 2 Name one non-metal used for making fertilisers?

Question 3 Which non-metal is used in water purification?

Question 4 Name non-metal used to make purple coloured solution which is applied on cuts and wounds as on antiseptic?

Question 5 Name 2 non-metals which are used in fireworks?

Question 6 Which non-metal is used as fuel?

Question 7 State few uses of non-metals?

Uses of non-metal

1)Oxygen is a non-metal which is used by plants and animals for breathing.It is essential for maintaining our life.It is used in the process of burning of fuels in homes,factories and transport vehicles.

2)Nitrogen is used in making fertilisers to enhance plant growth.It is used in food packing instead of air,to keep the food healthy.

3)Chlorine is used in the water purification process.It has the ability to kill germs ,so chlorine makes the drinking water supply germ free.

4)Iodine is used to make purple coloured solution called tincture of iodine which is applied on cuts and wounds as an antiseptic.

5)Sulphur and phosphorus which are used in fireworks.

6)Sulphur is used in the vulcanisation of rubber.

7)Carbon is used as a fuel.

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