Uses of metals

Question 1 Name 2 metals which are used for making cooking utensils?

Question 2 Name 2 metals which are used for making electric wires?

Question 3 Name 1 metals which is used in thermometers?

Question 4 Which metal is used to galvanise iron to protect it from rusting?

Question 5 Name the metals which is used to make thin foils fro packaging?

Question 6 Name 2 metals used to make jewellery?

Question 7 Where is iron present in our body?

Question 8 State uses of metals?

Uses of metals

1)Fe,Cu and Al are used to make cooking utensils,water boilers for factories.

2)Cu metal is used for making electric wires for household wiring,electric motors,armature of dynamos etc.

3)Al metal is used for making electric cables and over head electric transmission lines.

4)Al foils are used for packaging medicines,chocolates,food items etc.

5)Fe metal is used for make nails,screws,nut-bolts,pipes,gas cylinder,office furniture, building bridges, railway lines,vehicles etc

6)Zn metal is used for galvanising  iron to protect it from rusting.

7)Au and Ag are used for making jewellery.

8)Hg is used in making thermometers.

Iron is present in the pigment of red blood cells called Haemoglobin.

If there is deficiency of iron in our body,then there will be less haemoglobin in our blood.

Lower level of haemoglobin in the blood will cause shortage of oxygen in the body leading to tiredness and weakness.

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