Properties of Non-metals

By | September 17, 2016

Question 1 Why non-metals are not malleable?

Question 2 Why non-metals are not ductile?

Question 3 Name one non-metal which is a good conductor of electricity?

Question 4 Why graphite is used in making electrodes?

Question 5 Write few properties of non-metals?

Question 6 Name one lustrous non-metal?

Question 7 What is brittleness?

Properties of non-metals

1)Non-Metals are not malleable:Non-metals can not be beaten into thin sheets with a hammer.They break into small pieces when hammered.

Carbon is a non-metal.It is found in many forms such as charcoal,coke,graphite and diamond.The pencil of lead is a form of carbon called graphite.Carbon is brittle.

Sulphur is also a non-metal.If we hammer a piece of sulphur,it will break into small pieces.Sulphur is brittle.

We cannot obtain thin sheets by beating non-metals.

The property due to which non-metals break on hammering is called brittleness.

2)Non-Metals are not Ductile:The non-metals can not be drawn into thin wires.They easily break on stretching.

For Ex:Sulphur and phosphorus are non-metals and they are not ductile.When stretched they break into pieces and do not form wires.

3)Conductivity:They do not allow heat and electricity to pass through them.

For Ex:Sulphur,coal,phosphorus etc are non-metals and do not conduct electricity and heat.

Diamond is a non-metal which is a good conductor of heat.

Graphite is a good conductor of electricity.Therefore it is used in making electrodes.

4)Lustre:They are not shiny,they are dull in appearance.

For Ex:Sulphur,phosphorus are solid non-metal which do not have lustre or shine.

Iodine is a non-metal having lustre.

5)Strength:They cannot hold large weight.They have low tensile strength and breaks easily.

6)Sonorousness:They do not make a ringing sound when we strike them.

If we drop a piece of carbon or a lump of sulphur on the floor or strike them with hammer,we do not hear any ringing sound.

7)Hardness:Most of the non-metals can be cut into pieces with a knife.

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