Methods of increasing friction

Question 1 What is a groove?

Question 2 What is a tread?

Question 3 Why do gymnasts apply a coarse substance to their hands?

Question 4 What is done to increase friction between the tyres and road?

Question 5 Why do kabaddi players rub hands with dry soil?

Question 6 Why grooves are made in the soles of shoes?

Question 7 Explain why sportsmen use shoes with spikes?

Question 8 Why treads are made in the tyres of vehicles?

Question 9 State few methods of increasing friction?

A long and shallow cut or depression in the surface of a hard material is called groove.

A series of patterns made into the surface of a tyre  is called tread.

1)Grooves are made in the soles of shoes to increase friction and prevent slipping

Some grooves have been made in the Soles by the makers of shoes.The grooves are made in the soles of shoes to increase friction with the ground so that the shoes get a better grip even on a slippery ground and we can walk safely.

2)Treads are made in the tyres of vehicles to increase friction and prevents skidding of vehicles on wet road

When a road is wet, there is a layer of water on the roads.The presence of water on the surface of road reduces friction between the tyres of vehicle and the surface of road due to which tyres lose their grip on the road.It  increases the chances of skidding of vehicle on wet road. Due to this it becomes difficult to control the running vehicles on a wet road.The treads on the surface of tyres are designed in such a way that they push away water from under the tyre.When water is pushed away from the surface of road beneath the tyre, friction between road and tyre increases and improves the tyre grip on the wet road.The treaded tyres of cars,  buses, trucks ,motorcycle ,scooter and bicycles provide better grip on the road.

3)Spikes are provided in the shoes of players and athletes to increase friction and prevent slipping

The players and athletes have to run fast. Greater friction is required between the soles of their shoes and ground to prevent slipping. To increase friction, Spikes are provided in the soles of shoes worn by players and athletes.This prevents the slipping of player or athlete on running.

Spikes are the pointed nails which get into the ground and increase friction between shoe and the ground.

4)Gymnasts apply some coarse substance on their hands to increase friction for better grip

Kabaddi players rub their hands with dry soil to increase friction and get a better grip on their opponents players.

5)Machine belts are made of special materials to increase friction and drive machine wheels properly

Belts are used to drive wheels for running the machines. Greater friction is required between the belts and machine wheels so that the belts can drive machine wheels properly without slipping off the wheels. To increase friction the machine belts are made of special materials having rough surfaces.

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