Red data book

By | October 14, 2016

Question 1 What is Red data book?

Question 2 State advantage of red data book?

Question 3 Name few endangered species of animals listed in the Red data book?

Question 4 Define the term migration?

Question 5 Why do birds migrate?

Question 6 Name one migratory bird which come to warmer regions of Indian every year?

Question 7 Why does Siberian cranes come from Siberia to India every year for few months?

Red Data Book

Red Data Book is the book which keeps a record of all endangered animals, plants and species.

It contains a list of species which are in danger of becoming extinct.

Some of the endangered species of animals listed in Red Data Book are Flying squirrel,Indian giant squirrel, Black buck, Himalayan musk deer, Great Indian rhinoceros, Snow leopard, Tiger etc.


The process of a bird moving from one place to another according to the season, is called migration.

Migration of bird is an adaptation to escape the harsh and cold conditions of their normal habitat in winter so as to survive.When the winters sets in cold regions of the earth, the climate becomes extremely cold in these regions.The birds which normally live in these regions, migrate to far flung warmer places on earth to escape the extremely cold winter climate and survive.And when the winter season is over, these birds fly back to their habitats in cold regions.

The birds which move from very cold regions to warmer regions in winter, and go back after the winter is over are called migratory birds.

The purpose of migratory birds is to survive by escaping the extremely cold conditions of their natural habitat and also for breeding.

One of the most common migratory bird which comes to India every year for a few months is the Siberian Crane.The normal habitat of Siberian crane is Siberia.When winters sets in siberia and it gets extremely cold, the Siberian crane flies thousand of kilometres and comes to warmer places in India.

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