Flora and fauna

By | October 7, 2016

Question 1 What is meant by flora.Give 2 example of flora of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve?

Question 2 What is meant by fauna.Give 2 example of fauna of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve?

Question 3 What is meant by the term species.Give few example?

Question 4 What do you understand the term endemic species?

Question 5 Name 2 plant species which are endemic to Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve?

Question 6 Name 2 animal species which are endemic to Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve?

Question 7 What are fertile offspring?

Flora and fauna

The plants that grow naturally in a particular area are called flora of that area.

For Ex:Teak,jamun, fern, mango, arjun  are flora of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve

The animals which live naturally in a particular area are called fauna of that area.

For Ex:Cheetal,wolf,leopard,chinkara,blue bull,barking deer,wild dog  are fauna of the Pachmarhi Biosphere reserve.

A fertile offspring is a baby animal or baby plant which can reproduce its own kind of organism in due course of time.

A species is a group of same kind of organism which can interbreed to produce fertile offspring.

1)All the members of species have common features or characteristics.

2) The species can be of animals as well as plants.

3)For Ex:Human,tiger,cat,dog, peacock,mango,neem,paddy pine,lotus etc

4)There are about 600000 species of animals and 400000 species of plants in the world.

Endemic species

Endemic species are those species which are found exclusively in a particular area.They are not found found naturally anywhere else.

The plants and animals which are found only in a particular area are said to be endemic to that area.

A particular type of animal or plant species may be endemic zone,a state or a country.

For Ex:Sal and wild mango are 2 example of the endemic flora of the pachmarhi Biosphere reserve.

Giant squirrel, flying squirrel,bison are the 3 example of the endemic fauna of the pachmarhi Biosphere reserve.

A number of factors are endangering the existence of endemic species.The destruction of forests, introduction of new species, increasing human population in the vicinity of forest reserve are affecting the natural habitat of the endemic species and endangering their existence.

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