Biodiversity and ecosystem

By | October 3, 2016

Question 1 Define the term biodiversity?

Question 2 What is biosphere?

Question 3 What are wild animals?

Question 4 What are wild plants?

Question 5 What is an ecosystem?

Conservation of plants and animals

The conservation of plants and animals means that plants and animals which occur in the forests should be kept in a way that they remain protected in the natural environment in which they are found.

Biosphere is that part of the earth in which living organism exist.It includes land surface of the earth,atmosphere of the earth,as well as water bodies on the earth.

The animals living in the natural environment(forest) are called wild animals.

The plants growing in the natural environment on their own are called as wild plants.

The term wildlife means all the animals and plants which are found naturally in the forests and other natural habitats.

Diversity means a variety.Biodiversity means biological variety.It refers to the variety of organism(plants,animals and micro-organism) found in a particular area or habitat.


The presence of a large number of organism found in a particular area is called biodiversity.

An ecosystem is a system which include all the living organism(plants,animals,micro-organism)of an area and physical environment(soil,water and air) in which they live.In an ecosystem,the various living organism interact among themselves and also with the physical environment in which they live.

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