Variety in shape of cell

By | October 23, 2016

Question 1 Which cell transmit message between brain and other parts of the body?

Question 2 Which cell in the human body can contract and relax?

Question 3 Name the spindle shaped cells present in the human body?

Question 4 State important characteristics of muscle cell?

Question 5 Name the animal cell which is long and has thread like projections?

Question 6 What is the shape of red blood cells in human blood.What function do red blood cells perform?

Question 7 Why are nerve cells long and have branches?

Question 8 An amoeba can change its shape and a white blood cell in human blood can also change its shape.What is the difference between an amoeba cell and white blood cell?

Question 9 What is the shape of nerve cells .What function do nerve cells perform?

Question 10 What is the shape of epithelial cell.What function do epithelial cell perform?

Question 11 What is the function of xylem cell?

Question 12 What is the function of phloem cell?

Question 13 What is the function of mesophyll cell?

Variety in shape of cell

There are many types of cells in the bodies of multicellular bodies.These cell differ in shapes.

The shape of a nerve cell  in nerve cell in animals is different from the shape of a muscle cell.

A nerve cell is long and branched whereas a muscle cell is pointed at both ends and has a spindle shape.The different shape of cells are related to their function which they have to perform in the body of an animal or plant.

Nerve cell receives and transmit messages between brain and other body parts whereas muscle cells bring about movement in body parts.Nerve cells and muscle cells are actually specialised animal cells because they perform functions in the bodies of animals.

Cells are different in shapes and sizes so they can perform different functions.Each one of these cells are adapted to perform some specific functions.

The human body is made up of about 20 different types of cells and each type of cell perform different function.

Some of the example of animal cell are:Nerve cell or neuron, muscle cell, Epithelial cell, Red blood cell, white blood cell, bone cell etc.

Nerve cell

The nerve cell are long and have projections so that they can make contacts with many other nerve cells and carry messages over long distances.Since nerve cells receive and transfer messages they help to control and coordinate the working of different parts of a body.

Muscle cell

They are specially adapted for movement.The muscle cell can contract and relax.when the muscle are contract, they shorten in length.So, the contraction of muscle cells moves the body part.When these contracted muscle cell relax, they expand so that the body part comes back to its original position.Muscle cell bring about movement of body parts by contracting and relaxing.

Epithelial cell

They are rectangular in shape.They form a thin layer over the body parts and protect the cells below them from injury.

Red blood cells

They are spherical in shape.RBC carry oxygen around the body.

White blood cells

They are irregular in shape.They eat up or kill bacteria which enter the blood and save us from many diseases.

Some of the plant cells are:Epidermal cell , Xylem cells, phloem cells, photosynthetic cells

Epidermal cells form a layer around the plant organs and protects the cell below from injury.

Xylem cells are the tube like plant having thick and strong walls which carry water and mineral salts from the roots of the plant to its leaves.

Phloem cells are also tube like plant cells having thin walls which carry the food made by leaves to all parts of the plant.

The photosynthetic cells of plant contain chlorophyll and prepare food by photosynthesis.

The mesophyll cells of leaf are the photosynthetic plant cells.These cells in the leaf of a plant are specially adapted for making food by photosynthesis.

Amoeba cell

The shape of an amoeba cell is irregular.

1)The amoeba cell keeps on changing its shape continuously.The shape of amoeba changes because amoeba can make its cytoplasm flow in any direction it wants to.

2)The amoeba cell has finger like projections of varying lengths protruding out of its body which are called pseudopodia.

3)Amoeba can produce pseudopodia on any side by pushing the cytoplasm in that side.The pseudopodia appear and disappear when amoeba moves or feed.Amoeba moves very slowly with the help of pseudopodia.

4)Amoeba also uses pseudopodia to catch the food particles from the water in which it lives.

Amoeba is a single cell which can change its shape.

A white blood cell present in human blood is a single cell which can also change its shape.The difference between amoeba cell and white blood cell is that amoeba cell is a full fledged organism capable of independence existence, white blood is merely a cell of human blood which is not a full fledged organism and hence cannot exist independently.

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