Cell membrane and Cytoplasm

By | October 20, 2016

Question 1 What is cell membrane?

Question 2 What is the function of cytoplasm?

Question 3 What is protoplasm?

Question 4 What are the functions of cell membrane?

Question 5 What controls the flow of substances in and out of a cell?

Cell membrane and cytoplasm

Cell membrane

Every cell is covered by a thin sheet of skin which is called cell membrane or plasma membrane.

1)The cytoplasm and nucleus are enclosed within the cell membrane.It encloses the living part of the cell called protoplasm.

2)Cell membrane protects the cell and also gives shape to the cell.

3)The cell membrane has tiny pores in it.The cell membrane controls the movement of substances into the cell and out of the cell.

4)The dissolved substances such as food and oxygen can enter into the cell whereas the waste products such as carbon dioxide can go out from the cell whereas the waste products such as carbon dioxide can go out from the cell membrane through the pores of the cell membrane.

5)The cell membrane separates the cells from one another and also from surrounding medium.


It is a transparent jelly like material which fills the cell between nucleus and cell membrane.

1)New substances are built from materials taken into the cell, and energy is released and stored.

2)It has many tiny structures in it.The various structures present in the cytoplasm of a cell are called organelles.

3)Cytoplasm of all cells contain other organelles such as mitochondria, golgi bodies , nucleus and ribosomes.

4)The cytoplasm and nucleus taken together make up protoplasm.

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